Percussion Mallets

Instrumentalists: (2 - 18 musicians) e.g
Marimba, vibraphone: Roland Härdtner, Jens Knoop, Goran Mann, Lars Binder
Djembé, Tama: Amadou Kienou
Percussion, Drums: Rhythm Club Pforzheim
Piano: Boris Ritter
Bass: Klaus Dusek
Guitar: Alexander Kroll
Flute, Piccolo: Christoph Müller
Clarinet, saxophone: Florian Schüle
Violin: Attila Barta

„Percussion Mallets“ is based on a inter-cultural concert programme, which was rehearsed in 2003/2004 by the african master of drums Amadou Kienou and Roland Härdtner. While producing the same-titled cd, the repertoire and the needed musicians literally „exploded“. This programme was first perfomed at the cd presentation concert with 19 instrumentalist and three dancers. In the meantime there is a reduced version with 5 – 8 musicians, where Roland Härdtner and Amadou Kienou are accompanied by the „Swinging Mallets Trio“ with Boris Ritter and selected percussionists. In addition, it is also possible to enrich this programme with african dance and singing!

Therefore „Percussion Mallets“ is a highly flexible and charismatic concert programme with best entertainment on an extraordinary high musical level which can be adapted accordingly to the event's budget.

Press reviews:


  • Amadou Kienou - Kanou
  • Pierre Moerlen - Downwind
  • Roland Härdtner - Angadia pour Mélodie
  • Boris Ritter - Donde
  • Yann Tiersen - 17-Nombre d’Amour (Sur le fil)
  • Claus Müller - TomTom-Bongo
  • Boris Ritter - Benbé
  • Clemens Bittlinger - Fils de Soie (Feine Fäden)
  • Nebojša Jovan Živkovic: Srpska igra
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim - Chega de Saudade
  • Pierre Moerlen - Gouttes de Pluie (Emotions)
  • David Mancini - Suite for Solo Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble